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Bite-Sized Audiences for Every Hungry Endeavor

Find New Leads Efforteslly

My audience:
Content Research
View Optimization
YT Ad Promotion
Creator E-mails
Audience Insights
Smart Prompts

Re-think your Traffic Strategy

Paying high money (and time!) to get low traffic?
When it comes to traffic you have 2 options:
Option 1: Invest money on Ads
Splash your resources on expansive ads for an audience not quite ready to buy. Budgets drain, clients get tired.
Option 2: Invest time on SEO
It's like a rollercoaster of uncertainty, with returns that don't quite impress and scalability that's hard to pin down.
Make it work efficiently!
Imagine, effortlessly attract your audience, and let them findyou!

Are you ready to transcend?

Perfect Timing, Every Time

Unleash Competitor Audiences for Effortless Expansion
Your perfect customer is actively seeking
your product on YouTube.
BitePlay harnesses A.I. to accelerate your
ranking and secure first-click domination.
Don’t disturb their experience with
random ads, make it precise.
BitePlay chooses precise videos for delivering
your message to the perfect audience.
29 seconds AD FREE!
Get in touch with the influential creators
who are talking about your topic audience.
Wix Fix
BitePlay provides you with the email
of creators discussing your topic.

Turns Views into CA$H

3 Easy Step for Looping Traffic Generation
step 1.
Discover Your Ideal Client
step 2.
Boost Message with Creators
Print money
and repeat
step 3.
Targeted Video Ads for Impact
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It doesn’t matter if you have 0 subscribers or 1,000,000+

You can WIN faster!

BitePlay Is Your Entire
YouTube Marketing Team

Stop the guess work!

Instant Insights of your audience: Track Trends, Hot Videos, and Trendsetters.
Replaces: Awario, BranWatch, Mentionlytics
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Targeted Messaging:
Reach the Right People

Pinpoint Ads for the Ideal Audience. Manage everything with A.I
Replaces: Google Ads, Sprizzy, Vidgate
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Unlock Your Creators' Amplifiers

Instantly Access Video Insights: Trends, Creators, and View
Replaces: Modash, Upfluence
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Grow with Inteligence

Instantly elevate your YouTube game with pre-packaged A.I. insights designed to propel you to new heights
Replaces: VidIQ, TubeBuddy, Tubics
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From Play to Profit!

Video Ranked
Creator Shoutout
YouTube Ads
Repurpose Content
Creator Shoutout
Video Ranked
Creator Shoutout
Repurpose Content
Creator Shoutout
Video Ranked
Creator Shoutout
YouTube Ads
Repurpose Content
Creator Shoutout
Creator Shoutout
Creator Shoutout
Creator Shoutout
Creator Shoutout
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YouTube doesn't get
easier than this

Without BitePlay
💸 Ad Costs keep rising
⌛ Takes years to build trust
📉 Unstable  Growth
😢 Sadness
With BitePlay
🤑 Reduce Ad Costs, Maximize Profit
🤝️ Passionate Creator Collabs
📈 Consistent Profitable Growth
😍 Opposite of Sadness
It’s not a YouTube Optimization Tool
It’s not a YouTube Analytics
It’s not a Creator Search
It’s not a YouTube Ads agency
It’s not a YouTube video maker

It’s all of that. And more.

YouTube Lead Generation     Lead Finder - monitor new videos
Engage - comment on their videos
Create lists of creators - import CSV
Create lists of videos - advanced filter Discover trends - set alerts Recommendations - powered by AI ⚡ Global Stats - likes, comments, dislikes
View estimation - powered by AI ⚡
Volume search stats - keywords
Creator Outreach          Influencer Finder
Unlock their e-mail
Understand their audience deeply
Emails outreach - powered by AI ⚡️
Monitor key metrics
Follow topics in your niche
Identify top and micro-creators
Detailed YouTube analytics
Sort videos by date and performance
Content Creation
Searchable YouTube Enginekeyword, tags, creators and personas
Find Similar audiences
YouTube inspiration - powered by AI ⚡️
AI-generated Scripts - powered by AI ⚡️
SEO Tips - powered by AI ⚡️
Productivity - powered by AI ⚡️
Audiences Generator - powered by AI ⚡️
Creator Insights - powered by AI ⚡
Video Creation A.I (coming soon)Animate your images powered by AI ⚡
Stunning unique footages powered by AI ⚡
Motion Images
For YouTube Videos, Shorts, Tiktok, Reels
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⚡A.I Prompts ⚡

Email Scripts
Thumbnail Generator
Image Motion
Video Scripts
Channel Audit
View Prediction
Avg. Daily Views
Engagement Rates
Description Generator
Tag Generator
Video Ideas
Schedule Plan
Audiences Personas
Potential Views
Similar Creators
Video Analysis
SEO tips
(more coming!)

You Are Only One Video Away

🛒 E-commerce
💻 SaaS
📢 Marketing
🏢 Startups
🤝 Affiliates
🤳 YT Creators
🏪 Small Business
$49 per month
500 Video Searches
Video Footage Generator
20 Following Keywords
100 Creator Searches
50 A.I Credits
Export to CSV
7 days free trial
Cancel or pause anytime
$99 per month
1000 Video Searches
Video Footage Generator
50 Following Keywords
250 Creator Searches
100 A.I Credits
3 Team Members
7 days free trial
Cancel or pause anytime
$149 per month
1.500 Video Searches
Video Footage Generator
100 Following Keywords
500 Creator Searches
500 A.I Credits
10 Team Members
7 days free trial
Cancel or pause anytime
Credits Addon
Unlock features your way with no price traps, just flexibility.
Credits never expires.
1 Credit = 0.10 cents

A.I Prompts = 1 Credit
3 Images + Motion = 1 Credit
Creator Email = 3 Credits

We've empowered over 5,000 brands and creators

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“Grow like the Pros”
Zach K.
“An essential tool for all YouTube Marketers”
Csaba B
“Game-changer for YouTube Ads”
4,8 Stars out of 5
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